Display a live feed of your guests photos

Great for weddings or family parties. A fun way to capture your celebration from every angle.

Show the special photos friends & family take on a real-time display.

  • Choose your own hashtag
  • Ask your guests to post their photos on Twitter / Instagram using this hashtag
  • Guests can also use an email address to send their photos for those without a Twitter / Instagram account
  • Watch the slideshow at the event updating in real time
  • You and your guests can then download or upload photos after the event.


  • Free trial
  • Hashtag life 7 days
  • Free
  • No limit on Twitter and Instagram photos
  • 50 MB limit on email and uploaded photos
  • Moderate and set favourites for custom slideshow
  • Download all or selected photos (via email or direct zip download)
  • Standard
  • Hashtag of your choice
  • Minimum 1 months
  • £25 per month
  • No limit on Twitter and Instagram photos
  • 500 MB limit on email and uploaded photos
  • Moderate and set favourites for custom slideshow
  • Download all or selected photos (via email or direct zip download)
  • Premium
  • Hashtag of your choice
  • Minimum 2 months
  • £40 per month
  • No limit on Twitter and Instagram photos
  • No limit on email and uploaded photos
  • Moderate and set favourites for custom slideshow
  • Download all or selected photos (via email or direct zip download)

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple, once you have ordered your livehashtag, you will receive a unique web address where your photoshow is displayed. You can visit this web address from any device with an internet browser. Once you have it opened up on the screen, put it on full screen for everybody to enjoy.

Next step is posting photos to the live photo show. You or your guests can post using your livehashtag on twitter or instagram.

Alternatively email the photos to your unique email address. It is also possible to upload photos directly on the photoshow web address using the menu button.

As soon as images have been posted on Instagram/Twitter/Email or direct upload with your hashtag they will show up on the live photo show.

Yes, sign up for a trial and we will create a random livehashtag which you can use for a week.

You will be able to post photos by twitter / instagram / email or direct upload exactly as you would if you order your own custom livehastag. Any photos emailed or uploaded will be deleted at the end of each day. At the end of the week trial your livehashtag will be deactivated.

The live hashtag system allows you and your guests 4 ways of sending their photos. Twitter / Instagram / Email or direct upoad using a browser.

Once you have completed your order the photo show will be available and it will stay on line for a month after your event for you and your guests to download and view (2 months for premium hashtags).

All photos that are posted before your event will be removed from your live photoshow at the end of each day.
This allows you to test the system before your event.

There is no limit on the number of posts but with the standard hashtag there is a limit on the total storage of photos that are emailed or directly uploaded (Click for details). Premium hashtags do not have a storage limit

The photos will remain on LiveHashtag for a month after the wedding for you and your guests to download and view. Then all photos that were emailed or direct uploaded will be deleted.

The instagram and twitter photos remain on instagram/twitter.

We will send you an email telling you when the photos will be deleted from LiveHashtag and also give you the opportunity to extend the time the photos are stored on LiveHashtag if you wish.

Yes LiveHashtag continues to collect photos for a month (2 months for premium livehashtags) after your event. This allows your quests to send in photos for any reason they did not send on the day e.g. they may have taken on cameras that were not connected to the internet during your event.

Yes all photos collected on the LiveHashtag system are available for download.
If you or your guests visit the unique web address they will be able to use the menu to download photos.

If your guests do not have Instagram or Twitter then they can email or directly upload their photos.

This only requires that they have the ability to browse the internet or send an email.
You do not require any app to be downloaded specifically for your event.

You will receive details of the livehashtag, photo show web address after your order.

We strongly recommend that you test out your live photo show using the equipment you will use at the venue.

In particular you should check that the device you are using to display the photos does not timeout/powerdown.

For your convenience all photos posted before your event will be deleted at the end of each day and will not be shown at your event.

No there is no limit, you can display the photo show on as many devices as you like.

Once you display the live photoshow your guests will see the livehashtag and unique email address on the screen.

Yes any messages included in the instagram / twitter posts will also be included as part of the live photoshow.

If photos are sent by email then the subject and message of the email will be displayed.

For direct uploads there is also an opportunity to include a message.

No this is not allowed by Instagram. Only photos sent from public (non private accounts) will be shown.

Best to get your guests to make their instagram accounts non private for the duration of your event or use Twitter / Email / or direct upload to post their photos

Start your Instagram app on your mobile device, go to your profile and tap “Edit Your Profile.”

IOS users, scroll to the bottom of the screen and toggle the “Posts Are Private” switch to the Off position.

If you have a Windows Phone or Android device, uncheck the box labeled “Posts are Private.

Yes you can log in and delete / hide messages from the photoshow.

We also provide a Moderator log in so you can delegate this to someone else on the day.

This log in uses a password set by you which you can give to more than one person if you wish.

After your event has completed you can log in and select photos a favourites and assign weights to individual photos.

The slideshow that is then displayed on your custom address will show these favourites in the order set by your weighting.

By using the menu your guests will also be able to view all the photos ordered by time posted, time taken or randomly.

At the venue you will need

Display - a display like a projector, tv, computer or a big screen with an internet browser to display your photo show

Internet connection - most venues will have wifi, if not you can use your phone as a tethering device (eg. hotspot)

Most pcs / laptops / tablets / phones will power down if left on for a period of time which can mean that your photoshow disappears.

We recommend that you provide mains power to your device and adjust the power settings to continue to run for at least the duration of your event.

Instructions are available for the latest operating systems for PC / Mac / IOS / Android.
Google "prevent pc powering down", "prevent mac powering down", "prevent ipad powering down" or similar to get instructions on how to do this.

However some pcs and laptops (particulary those set up as a work computer) can also log off after a timeout causing the photoshow to stop.

For all these cases you may wish to download a piece of software that simulates a frequent key press that extends these timeouts so you do not need to worry about the screen going off during your event.

You can try the following software for PC and Macs. These run in the background keeping your PC or Mac from powering down or logging off without changing your power settings and do not interfere with the live photoshow. These can be uninstalled from your device after the event allowing you to return to your original setup.

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